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Delinquency in private schools makes educational insurance grow by more than 80% in 2016

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Educational insurance, boosted by the increase in defaults due to the country’s economic situation, had a strong expansion in 2016: 81.04% in relation to 2015, with premiums of around R $ 44.01 million, taking into account the accumulated between January and November of 2016, according to FenaPrevi figures. The indices are related to the average defaults that private schools have been presenting. In São Paulo alone, this number was registered at 8.83% in 2016. It is the highest rate since at least 2011, according to Sieeesp (Union of Educational Institutions of the State of São Paulo).
“In this context of insecurity and financial crisis, the contracting and maintenance of educational insurance for the educational institution has never been more important in an attempt to equalize or minimize the financial losses resulting from the increase in delinquency registered in recent years,” says Bruna Timbó, director of LTSeg, a brokerage firm specializing in insurance and risk assessment and responsible for the implementation of various insurance programs for educational institutions. According to her, the educational insurance policy is an efficient tool to control these losses. “But the advantages are not only of the educational institution, the students, in fact, are the most benefited, because the educational insurance gives them the possibility to continue their studies if their financial responsible will fail with their obligation to pay of tuition, “he says. “As the rates for contracting this insurance vary from 0.5% to 2% of the monthly fee – a low percentage if you take into account that it can guarantee the student’s study throughout the school year or through the study cycle , medium) – contracting insurance is highly advantageous for all “continues the Director of LTSEG Brokerage. Educational insurance is a product approved by the Superintendency of Private Insurance (Susep) and has its marketing stimulated by the entire insurance market due to the innumerable advantages it offers either for the educational institution, for the student or the its financial officer. Among these advantages are the protection of the insured student’s education in cases of death or incapacity of the financial officer, the student’s hospital medical expenses in the event of an accident at school or transportation from home to school, costs with remittance, dependence, material school and graduation and even the guarantee of payment of monthly payments in cases of unemployment and loss of income of the financial officer, are examples of additional coverage of educational insurance, noting that it is necessary to observe what is contracted by each educational institution. “It is a complete product that meets most of the needs of those involved in a teaching relationship,” says Bruna Timbó. Although it has so many advantages and benefits, educational insurance is still a product little known and little implemented by educational institutions. In this way, it is interesting that not only schools, colleges, universities and universities seek to know the product, but also students and their families pressure the educational institutions to make this solution available. “The current cost of insurance is irrelevant when one has, on the other hand, the guarantee of teaching to the student. Every parent knows that only through knowledge can we ensure a better future for our children and educational insurance is a relief that, as responsible for our children, we must allow ourselves, “concludes the executive. About LTSeg Specialist in insurance and risk assessment, since 1998, LTSeg has been a prominent position in this market due to its know-how and way of acting, which favors a closer contact with customers in all stages, from consultancy to definition of the best insurance program, choosing the insurers and contracting the best policies until receiving compensation in the event of an accident. The high degree of technical knowledge and expertise in the most diverse branches of knowledge, especially Engineering and Insurance Law, guarantee the delivery of services of high standard throughout the Brazilian territory. With a focus on the business market, LTSeg acts with insurance in all modalities, including Civil Liability, Engineering Risks, Guarantees, Financial Risks (E & amp; O, D & amp; O, etc.), Educational Assets, Transportation, Special Risks and Benefits. Learn more by visiting http://www.LTSEGUROS.com.br. Source: SEGS Link to the article: http://bit.ly/2lSjjPc

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