Brazil recession drives stronger demand for education insurance
5 de April de 2019
Delinquency in private schools makes educational insurance grow by more than 80% in 2016
5 de April de 2019

Learn how to avoid problems after traffic accidents

By Karina Craveiro

In the late afternoon of a Friday in January and technical assistant Ilzidete Salvador Costa, 56, was on her way back from work, aboard her Renault Sandero. Upon entering a crossroad, he felt an impact on the right side of the car. Another vehicle, of the same brand, hit the body of his hatch. Despite the fright, no one was injured. Since then, Ilzidete’s car has been stopped at a shop in the eastern part of the city. She says she is not to blame for the collision and expects Marcia, who was in the other vehicle, to pay the repair, calculated at $ 7,000. “Initially, she asked me to make some budgets, then she did not answer me any more. “said the technical assistant, who will have to pay the insurance premium of R $ 2,600 if he wants to have the vehicle repaired. Folha contacted Marcia, but she preferred not to talk about it. Cases like Ilzidete are common. When neither party takes the blame, each one has its own detriment. “It is not possible to force the third party insurer to pay the damage if the insured says they have no responsibility,” explains Bruna Timbó, LTSeg insurance and risk assessment broker. According to her, however, drivers must follow some basic procedures after a collision. “The best thing, at the first moment, is to remain calm, then call the traffic police or the police and make an incident report.” The right procedure to report this may prevent a looking for frauds. “A lot of people trigger insurance for third parties in trying to get a car or friend to get care. The surveys required by insurers, the report card and other findings are allied with companies when it comes to discovering this type of cheating,” he says. the brokerage. She also recommends the exchange of contacts between the drivers. “I advise photographing cars and license plates, as well as the insurance card. Every driver should also call his respective insurer and advise about the collision, even if he does not feel guilty for the crash,” he says. Although not mandatory in accidents without An incident report made by a transit authority is a document that records the information that occurred. But it becomes necessary for cases of repair of damages, triggering of the insurance company or in case of legal proceedings for damages. The end of Ilzidete’s novel is still unknown. But the path, according to her, will be to file a lawsuit of the Special Civil Court, popularly known as a small claims court. “I want a compensation for the damages, I went through a lot of stress, I’m moving on foot and I had health problems because of this” , says. For the psychologist Mariane Caiado, the conduct of not taking the blame when it is indeed wrong is something cultural. “The Brazilian, in particular, has a hard time making a mistake, as if that were ugly.” We tried justifications, we are not assertive, but of course it has to do with the honesty of each individual, “he says.

O que fazer em uma colisão leve
Mantenha a calma
Certifique-se de que não há feridos no seu veículo. Saia do carro e tente manter a calma ao falar com o outro motorista

Se possível, remova o veículo da pista para o acostamento para o trânsito fluir. Sinalize o local com o triângulo de segurança e ligue o pisca-alerta

Chame o órgão responsável pelo trânsito na sua cidade ou a polícia e faça um boletim de ocorrência. O documento pode ser feito pela internet
e não indica um culpado, apenas registra a história

Acione o seguro
Mesmo que nenhum dos lados assuma a culpa, ambos devem entrar em contato com suas seguradoras imediatamente. Caso ninguém se responsabilize pelo acidente, cada um acaba arcando com o próprio prejuízo. Quando um motorista se sente injustiçado, ele pode procurar o Juizado Especial Cível, também conhecido como juizado de pequenas causas, e entrar com uma ação judicial pedindo o ressarcimento dos gastos


Understand the rules of the DPVAT
Created in 1974, DPVAT (Personal Injuries Caused by Motor Vehicles by Land) insurance serves to protect victims of traffic accidents in territory driver, passenger or pedestrian. Every vehicle owner must pay. The due date varies in each State, but must follow the payment schedule of the IPVA MODALITY AND PRICE
There are three types of coverage: by death, with indemnity of R $ 13.5 thousand; for permanent disability, with indemnification of up to R $ 13.5 thousand; and reimbursement of hospital medical expenses, with a maximum value of R $ 2,700 PAPELADA
The documentation to receive the indemnity is on the website of Seguradora Líder-DPVAT (, responsible for payment. The data can also be obtained by calling 0800-022-1204. There are even more than 8,500 service points throughout Brazil.

From the delivery of the documents, the indemnity will be deposited in the bank account of the victim within 30 days. If she does not have an account, the insurer is responsible for opening a savings account.

The victim – his or her spouse or first-degree relatives up to three years after the accident to claim compensation. The service is free

Sources: SulAmerica Seguros, Seguradora Líder and LTSeg Corretora de Seguros

Source: Folha de S. Paulo

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