The concessions industry exhibits complex aspects that require experts in the provision of insurance services. The segment presents risks in the analysis and elaboration of contract instruments, in the organization and project finance, in the receipt by the Public Administration and in the exposition of executives. To minimize these pecualiarities, the LTSeg takes the look of an outsourced insurance area and undertakes to provide careful monitoring at all stages.

The insurance program of a concession encompasses several products ranging from the simplest ones such as the multirisk business, to fleet, transportation, benefits, assets, loss of profits, engineering, civil liability, surety and financial lines. others that may be applicable depending on the scope of the project.

LTSeg works with the possibility of prior acting at the moment of the elaboration and implementation of the project, construction and, later, in the monitoring and development of the activities of the concessionaires.

In the Concessions sector, LTseg operates in the main areas, which may include other segments:
• Airports
• Urban Areas
• Railways
• Ports
• Highways
• Sanitation
• Information Technology


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